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Standout Marketing for Small to Mid Sized Companies

Part Time Marketer will help you with projects large or small, whether it is your website, brochures, presentations, a personalized mailer, social media efforts, hosting an educational webinar, or developing training tools for your customers or sales team. Engage Part Time Marketer to stand out from your competitors. 

Branding and Marketing Material Development
To achieve a recognizable brand image, it is important to have a cohesive look across your entire customer facing communications. 

Electronic Mailers
Printed Communications
Data Sheets
Trade Show Presence
Business Cards

If you need help with one or all of these, Part Time Marketer can help. Just starting out and need a logo? We can do that too!

Targeted Marketing
Are you tired of doing mailings and receiving a 2% response rate?  Personalization increases those response rates.  It can be as simple as adding someone’s name to a mailer or communication, to varying the content and images based upon what you know about your (potential) customer. To really grab their attention, incorporate image personalization. Take a look in the Portfolio section of this site or download the brochure for examples. 

Other projects that require the use of technology
Part Time Marketer can help with any of your projects that require marketing related technology.  If it’s not listed here, just ask! 

QR Codes
Educational Webinar Programs
Video Editing
Database Strategist
Training and Sales Tool Development

(Step-by-Step Manuals, Flash Animations or Video)
Click here to download a copy of our brochure for more complete information on my service offerings.

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